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*UPDATE: September 2014* I am not a fan of the way this light is sealed. It does not allow water inside of the part that has the LEDs or the cab (the black part around a half inch from the edges is the actual seal), but moisture can collect around the edges of the plastic and make it look cheap, like it has a leak. Still working fine, however. So that's the main complaint.*/UPDATE* *UPDATE: August 2015* There is a definite water leak from this light, either from the seals on the screws or from the main seals, as in a heavy rain there is water entering the cab from directly underneath it. Disappointing product. */UPDATE* This is a look at the LED third brake light (high-mount brake lamp) replacement I recently installed on a Chevy Silverado, taking an in-depth look at how it compares to the light output and cargo light capability of the stock light. This was largely a simple video to practice video editing again, and test some new audio equipment. When looking for info on this light, I was disappointed by how little was around, so hopefully someone else wanting to know about it stumbles across this video. Here's the link to where I purchased it, for anyone interested: Probably not the video my regular viewers were expecting after a few months of silence from me. (If someone called this one in advance, you are clearly a clairvoyant and should team up with Miss Cleo to form a super team of crime fighting psychics.) There will be more slow motion shenanigans in the near future, do not worry. Lots of backlogged videos I filmed but never finished editing.

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