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Contact me: [email protected] Yarn Locs!! Hi Dolls, welcome back to my channel. Enjoy this tutorial on how to do yarn locs. Yarn locs is a super cute and easy protective style and it is great for the summer because you can easily style it however you want. With the summer heat I am sure we all want something that is very versatile and little stress. Do not forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment before you leave. sit back, relax and enjoy this beginner friendly ombre yarn locs tutorial. xoxo Song: Contact me: [email protected] Let's be Friends: Snapchat: Dehtew Instagram: Barbara_udenze Please check out my other videos: Individual Crochet Locs Method for Short Natural hair How to do Crochet Locs | Watch Me Slay Her Hair And Makeup How To Slay Your Ponytail | + DIY African Hair Tie | 30 Inches of Hair!!! Affordable Curly Wig + 2 weeks update How To Do Cut Crease Glitter Eyeshadow . . . ... . . . .. . . . . ... . How to do yarn braids. Yarn wrap styles. Yarn locs tutorial. yarn locs styles. yarn locs on short hair. yarn locs bob. yarn locs hairstyles. How to do yarn dreads. yarn locs crochet. yarn locs over locs. yarn locs men. yarn locs on natural hair. yarn braids. yarn locs. yarn braids tutorial. yarn braids styles. yarn braids on short hair. how to do yarn locs.

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