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It's Paint of the Tan Wall's debut instrumental Members: Matthew Fabilenia Ezekiel Torres Micah Baker Aaron Fabilenia Carlos Quiroz Chancho Sanchez Delion Miguel Munos Libre Esceletlo Jr. We wrote this as our first and last song of the summer; before, senior members Micah Baker and Matthew Fabilenia embark on their endeavor through college. In this instrumental we encourage you to sit back close your eyes and conceptualize pillows running through a forest of chickens. Which is actually pickled onions made out of...yes. Man i just "snarted." It is now 4:38:23(am) and we're finally done. With several ounces of platypus toe nails we conclude this night, this journey, this.. WOW this brownie is amazing.. With love, Aaron Fabilenia (Micah helped also) Guitar 1: Carlos Quiroz Guitar 2: Ezekiel Torres Ukulele: Aaron Fabilenia Bass: Micah Baker Cello: Matthew Fabilenia Zither/French Horn: Chancho Sanchez Delion Miguel Munos Libre Esceletlo Jr.

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